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Crazy Cauliflower


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Just order another beer. 'Cause brand new Snack with Benefits will let you snack the world a better place with snacks made from local vegetables. 100% tasty, 100% planet friendly, and when possible, 0% waste. The 'Crazy Cauliflower', for example, doesn't gets its crunch from panko, but from crisps that were just not good enough for the crips cookers from Hoekse Waard. Isn't it tasty?

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A dish travels an average of 30,000 kilometers before it reaches your plate. 30,000 kilometers! Fortunately, when you're snacking with Snack with Benefits, you keep it a lot closer to home. The vegetables for these snacks are all grown in Dutch soil. At the moment these are mainly the cauliflowers from Andijk. But these idealistic snackers aren't done discovering.


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