The Food Line-up found its origin in the Slow Food movement. And we still swear by that simple principle: good, pure and honest food for everyone. This means that our dishes have the least amount of negative effects on humans, animals and the environment. And that a fair price is always paid for the ingredients used. And our food will please as many people as possible. Thanks to that vision, we were the first caterer in Europe to receive the ‘B Corp’ certificate.


We all eat, all day every day. We believe that the food on your plate today, helps to shape the world of tomorrow. And that tomorrow can be changed both drastically and deliciously. We always do this with the following principles and goals in mind.

Our principles

On your event on every plate


Eat more plant(-based)

Fewer animal products = fewer negative effects on the environment. It’s as easy as that. Besides your trusty ol’ meats, fish and dairy, we constantly strive to surprise you with some vicious veggie violence.


the most delicious craftsmanship

We always work with the chefs and caterers that conquered and mastered one specific cuisine or dish. The true masters of their crafts.


Shop local. And small-scale.

Local chefs and local produce. That means a shorter food supply chain, better ingredients and fair prices.


No-waste, baby!

Don’t throw it out, throw it in. We avoid wasting food and try to find new ways to use ingredients that would not be used otherwise.


constantly searching

Whether it’s a sustainable innovation or the latest food trend; with our network, we always know a guy. Or we know a guy who knows a guy. Either way, we’ll get it done.

our goals

See you in 2023


of all our dishes are plant-based


of all our dishes are vegetarian


tap water / artisanal drinks


small-scale, local and independent experts

+5 Punten

on our B Corp score per year

B Corp - What?

The Food Line-up is the first European caterer with the ‘B Corp’ certificate. But what does that mean? Organisations with this certificate are constantly striving to accomplish their sustainable goals. And that makes it THE hallmark for companies that are committed to building an inclusive and sustainable economy with less inequality, less poverty, a better environment, stronger communities and high-quality jobs. Or simply put: for a better world. Wanna know more? Read all about our B Corp score.

Certified B corporation


our sustainable white paper

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