We are the Food Line-up

A creative and innovative catering agency. It’s our mission to let you discover better food. And millions along with you. Every single year, again and again. We’re hungry for change. 

What does better food mean to us? Glad you asked. It’s about being better for the world, better in taste and better organised. Whether it’s served from a food truck, eaten at a massive conference, or served at an intimate and refined five-course dinner. Whether you have 50 or 25.000 people on your guest list – we’ll make it happen. For all your business meetups, festivals and large-scale events.  

Serving delicious dishes, we take somewhat of a different approach than others. Instead of working with in-house cooks, we have a network of 100 independent chefs and food fanatics. And therefore, we can put together the perfect – and unique - menu for your event. Time after time.

Why we do what we do

Easy. We all eat. All day, every day. We believe that the food you put on your plate today, shapes the world of tomorrow. And that tomorrow can be changed both drastically and deliciously. We have a network of 100 caterers to prove it.

How we work?


Damn delicious

'Cause having ideals is great and all, but most importantly: the food should taste fantastic.


Sustainable dna

Eat your way to a better world. So yes, grab that snack. You - and the world - deserve it.


from head to tail

And signed, sealed and delivered from concepting to table setting. Once we start to plan, you can just sit back and relax.