A certain virus took over the world and turned the city silent. But the hunger for a special night out could not be satisfied nor silenced. Table for 2 served delicious dishes to duos at a single table set in iconic Amsterdam locations usually shared with thousands of others. Several private dining duos had, among others, The National Maritime Museum, Jimmy Woo and the Vondel Church all to themselves.


The table's all set

In the summer of 2020, we saw iconic event locations such as Felix Meritis and Westergas empty for the first time. No parties, no conferences, no festivals.That’s why we joined forces with chefs, artists and all these beautiful places to give Amsterdam locals the chance to create some memories. A rare experience in times of a pandemic.

Maartje: 'We’ll (hopefully!) never see these exceptional places empty ever again, all the more reason for us to create something very special here temporarily.'

A destination dinner

Table for 2 means dining at dazzling destinations with dishes from distinguished chefs. The first edition consisted of 5 conceptual dinners at unique locations. From a smouldering night with BBQ hero Jord Althuizen in the Machinegebouw (Westergas) to the ‘Seven Sins Dinner’ by Gilbert in the Vondel Church. And Boozed event design made these nights look delightfully delicious.

Table for 2