In a not so distant future, we’ll be faced with a dilemma: How are we going to feed the mouths of close to 10 billion people in 2050? The award-winning concept Brasserie 2050 served exactly that subject to the Lowlands crowd in 2019. Witha complete five-course dinner, the festival-goers got to feast on the future with a menu filled with food-related issues. Brasserie 2050 is an initiative of Lowlands and Rabobank, in collaboration with The Food Line-Up and Overtreders W.


Food for thought

In a fully rented, borrowed and reusable greenhouse, we served the crowd some food for thought: around 2050, there will be around 10 billion people on this earth. To keep up with this population growth, food production must be increased by about sixty per cent and the ecological impact of it decreased by fifty per cent. Brasserie 2050 served a new future food-related question with every dish. And answered it damn deliciously.

The food of the future

Together with chef Gilbert Kolff and food entrepreneur Samuel Levie, we created an innovative menu with, among others, no-waste bread, a Biddinghuizen salad as the locally produced sister of the Niçoise and a steak tartare of 50% meat and 50% bell pepper and watermelon. Brasserie 2050 won international awards such as De Gouden SponsorRing, the Frame Awards, the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards for ‘Best Pop-up Restaurant’ and the Gouden Giraffe.

Brasserie 2050