Better sweet treats

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You’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop when Arzu rocks up in the kitchen. This Rotterdam chef uses nuts, dark chocolate and dates to make food bars and vegan chocolate truffles by hand. Will your inner child pick the salted caramel bar, the red velvet bar or the hazelbar? Our recommendation: D. all of the above.

In the line-up

 at your event

As a dessert after dinner or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth. We love to put Arzu’s (healthier) treats in the following line-ups:


No stress congress

Keep energy levels soaring with some quick grab & go sandwiches, a salad bar, healthy crisps, energy bars and drinks you can grab from the fridge as you go.


Female food line-up

Who run the world? Girls! Besides Arzu’s treats, you can also taste the healthier Creole kitchen of Pom bar, the plant-based power food from BUS Unlimited and dumplings by Maggie.  



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