Modern bistro

Signature Dish

The not-so-classic steak tartare


(Walking) dinner, party

The travelling BAUT circus pops up in new places around Amsterdam ever since 2012. And wherever they set up the circus, the team guarantees there’s some fantastic food. BAUT is raw, rebellious and quirky with fascinating flavours and excellent service. And the good news is: BAUT finally found its forever home in their trusty ol’ location on the Wibautstraat.

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Michiel van der Eerde won’t present you with the classic menu, but he’ll continue to amaze you with several small courses. That’s why we like to put team BAUT in the following line-ups:

Made in Mokum

An edible hommage to Amsterdam with BAUT's bistro classics with a modern twist.

BAUT Ball bar

The best meatballs form the BAUT ball bar. On a sandwich, or served with mash. Homemade and rolling straight out of the kitchen. Simple and comforting (and better than your mom's). 



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