Sustainable fastfood

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50/50 burger


Festival, walking diner, party

Ever since 2007, Burgermeester serves their sizzling sustainable burgers. From bun to burger: everything’s fresh, sustainable and homemade. And the team always looks beyond the quality mark.They want to know exactly where their ingredients come from. Down to the smallest sesame seed.

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The Burgermeester burger pioneers bang out their better burgers at every event. That’s why we believe they’re at their best in the following line-ups:

Burgers United

What's better than a Burgermeester burger? More burgers. Parnet them up with plant-based burgers bij Jack Bean and fish burgers by Vis van Henry for the ultimate burger feast.

Blast from the Past

Retro grillin’ with burgers, Texas-style BBQ and banging plates of pasta. For the ultimate family feast, we’ll balance out the meaty madness with a nostalgic candy shop and pancake stall



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