Coffee, juice & tea bar

Signature Dish

Conscious cuppa & super smoothie



A conscious cuppa Joe. From coffee bean to coffee cup - Frauke and Wouter from Cascara know what’s up. Why? ‘Cause they take every step in the process themselves. At your event, they’ll work as waste-free as possible. The same goes for their sustainable juice bar. So don’t be shy, let us pour you another one.

In the line-up

 at your event

Between two lectures, after dinner or to continue the evening. There's always time for a cup of coffee. We therefore prefer to add Cascara to the following line-ups:

Food for Thought

We give you the fuel you need for a day filled with conferences from our converted Mini Coopers or branded bars.

Highway to Caffeine

Need a (coffee) break? Just save Cascara a parking spot and they'll pull right up. Or send them on a road trip to various locations to serve some sustainable coffees and juices.



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