French fushion

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Refined canapés


Dinner, bites, food truck

Oui,oui, oui! That’s what we say to the fusion kitchen of chef Nicolas. This Breton chef moved to the Netherlands because of l’amour. And he brought his love for French cuisine and international flavours along with him. Every dish celebrates the season with artisanal produce.

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Chef Nicolas
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He delicately mixes his Breton roots with a swirl of international influences to create some accessible fusion food with a French touch. We like to partner Nicolas up with other food fanatics in the following line-ups:

On a roll

Your own food truck festival with Nicolas' Citroën joined by other street food heroes such as The Beef Chief, Crepes Mobile and l'Entrecôte Mobile.

International foodcourt

A high-end walking dinner with food stations that bring together flavours from every corner of the world.



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