Signature Dish

The Bonbonsai tree


(Walking) dinner, bites

Michiel spent years cooking in restaurants such as Vermeer**; Caroline studied at art academy. Together they combine the quality and creativity of Michelin-starred cuisine in their catering business Chefs on Tour. Their delicately prepared plates are an explosion of refined flavours and culinary experiments.

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Flavour, colour, creativity and design are mixed into every dish that Michiel and Caroline make. Therefore, we love to place Chefs on Tour in the following line-ups:

Think big. And then bigger.

A colour-coordinated Christmas dinner, a menu filled with foraged foods, or an energy bomb is the shape of a… well, bomb. Chefs on Tour turns your theme into the most unforgettable foods.

The Food Route

From Eastern pancakes to lobster doughnuts. Served or picked by you from a damn deliciously decorated tree.



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