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Bourguignon sans Boeuf


(Walking) dinner, activation, lunch

Just name your theme and this Rotterdam chef will turn it into a culinary concept. Gilbert is a former two-star chef who always cooks refined, while using the (local) ingredients of the future. Or with whatever he foraged in the forest.

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Gilbert Kolff
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With Gilbert’s experience cooking in the kitchen of Comerç 24* in Barcelona and Mugaritz** in Spain's culinary epicentre Basque Country, we think he belongs in the following line-ups:

Food of the Future

Taste the flavours of the future. In a light-hearted and positive way, Gilbert presents the food issues of 2050 while also serving some tasty solutions.

Made in 010

The line-up of Rotterdam heroes, local akers and ingredients from 010 and its surroundings.



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