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Circular burger


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Jack Bean wants to inspire the world to eat plant-based more often. And they do it in the best way possible: by showing you exactly how damn delicious it can be. Their ultimate goal is to run their business climate-positive, so eating their plant-based fast food will soon provide more energy than it costs to produce. Plant-based mac ‘n cheese, noodle salads and bowls – one bite and you’ll crave it every day.

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Wanna eat the world a better place? And wanna do that insanly delicious? Jack Bean is the way to go. We love to include their vegan wraps, bowls and burger in the following line-ups:

The Next Snacks Line-up

Snack to save the world with Jack Bean, vegan Karma Kebab, organic fries by Pomms, Gro’s bitterballen with mushrooms and cauliflower nuggets from Snack with Benefits.

Brain food

A circular menu with plant-based bowls and noodle salads to keep you sharp and smart all day long.



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