International street food

Signature Dish

Indian curry-taco


Festival, dinner, party

Working as a consultant could not contain Joeri’s wanderlust. So he decided to quit his job and combine all the flavours he discovered during his travels. Though he does so by using only local veggies. The result? A bao with Rotterdam mushrooms or an Indian pakora with kale.

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Joeri Gerrits
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A curry-taco? Or an American-Italian meatball pasta? In Joeri’s fusion street food dishes, everything’s possible. That’s why we feel like fusing him in these two line-ups:

Kitchen crossovers

From Indian tacos to French bahn mie. International flavours and influences all mixed up into one line-up.

Global Cuisine
We’ll build an international food court with, besides Joeri, a Japanese ramen bar, Korean bibimbap, Italian pasta and Israeli falafel. The best of all worlds.  



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