Signature Dish

‘Liquid dinner’ in a syringe


Party, (walking) dinner, activation

Some edible soap? Liquid dinner in a syringe? Or the most magical pastries? Elena and her daughter Anastacia of Lof der Zoetheid make the impossible possible with their crazy creations. We dare you to think of something so insane, these women can’t cook it up. Spoiler: you can’t.

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Elena has dark chocolate flowing through her veins; chef and graphic designer Anastacia covers the creative savoury side. Together, as Lof der Zoetheid, we like to put them in the following line-ups:

Let’s Get Weird

A crazy cool party! Where your dinner is served in a syringe and the desserts are literally heavenly.

Custom made experience

If you can dream it, Lof der Zoetheid can make it.



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