Signature Dish

Fries with stew


Food truck, party

In 2009, Ruud and Niels started their fries revolution. ‘Cause great fries on festivals were nowhere to be found, yet. They chose to go fully organic – always & anywhere. These sustainable spuds are sourced straight from the Flevopolder and keep their skin on while they’re flipped into the fryer. And they taste even better partnered up with their homemade croquettes or bitterballen.

In the line-up

 at your event

Whether youe at yours with mayo or ketchup, there’s one thing we can absolutely agree on: Pomms’ fries are the best you can find. That’s why we put our favourite fry-friends in the following line-ups:

Festival lights

A couple of vintage food trucks and string lights can make any event look cosy and cool.Even without the biggest budget for styling.

Snack Favourites

Fries, bitterballen, mini burgers, pancakes. Let’s be real, it’s all you’d ever want in life. Just made slightly better than you’d expect. And that’s when Pomms’ comes in.



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