Local & healthy

Signature Dish

Savoury waffles


Conference, lunch, dinner

With the very best ingredients, Coen cooks dishes that simply make you smile. And while he does so, he makes sure to keep food waste to a bare minimum. From savoury waffles to salads, sandwiches and soups: in Coen’s kitchen, everything is cooked, smoked, pickled and preserved by the man himself.

In the line-up

 at your event

Sla-gerei’s no-waste menu is an ode to craftsmanship. Therefore, we prefer to place Coen in the following line-ups:

Everyday impact

Let’s keep it simple. Only the very best, scrumptious classics made with the ingredients that were available that day. Sometimes it’s as easy as that.

Better save then sorry

Be comfy in your own comfort zone. And your own budget! Coen can make you some fantastic French toast, sandwiches and a good cup of filter coffee. In a hurry? He’ll serve it up for you to grab & go.  



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