Signature Dish

BBQ Taco


Foodtruck, dinner

Jord Althuizen and his crew of award-winning BBQ champions come into every job withall guns – and BBQs – blazing. They fire up the grill for you and won’t let anything less than top quality, locally sourced ingredients touch it. Nose-to-tail or the entire animal roasting on a spit. None of it goes to waste. Rather have it vegan? Their grilled greens will make you feel all fired up.

In the line-up

Smokey Goodness
 at your event

Where there’s smoke, there’s Jord. And where’s Jord, there’s pieces of free-rangemeat on the grill. That’s why we put these hot ‘n heavy caterers in the following line-ups:

Big, bold & BBQ

A couple of thousand guests at your event? Just a regular Tuesday for Smokey Goodness. From BBQ veggies to BBQ classics – nothing’s too hot to handle for Smokey. Even for large crowds.

Food Unplugged

We fire up the grills and smokers in the middle of nature. Together with your team, you bake your own bread on an open fire, smoke mackerels, or roast an entire pig on a spit. Everything’s used from nose to tail while the veggies slowly cook in the ashes.



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