Fair fish

Signature Dish

Fish cakes made from fish waste


Dinner, conference, food truck

Henry worked in finance but felt like a fish out of water. He turned things around, started as a sustainable fishmonger and has never looked back. Not surprisingly though, since little Henry used to help his grandpa smoke mackerels in this little fisher town he calls home. Now – all grown up – Henry has some bigger (fair) fish to fry.

In the line-up

Vis van Henry
 at your event

We love to reel in Henry’s glorious gambaburgers, salads, pasta and Thai fishes cakes for the following line-ups.

All taste, no waste

A full menu by food pioneers. Find Henry’s no-waste gamba burgers and fish cakes next to a grilled cheese made from saved bread, Dutch cauliflower nuggets by Snack with Benefit and waste-free beers by Instock.

Be fair, share!

This line-up will bring your team together – for example after a merger. Because we all know that sharing is caring. And you’ll definitely care for Henry’s fish charcuterie, bowls of fruits de mer, awesome appetizer boards and a spectacular dessert.



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